Bi-Monthly Membership

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Membership Plan Includes:

  • 24/7 Emergency Line
  • Critical Incidents
  • Internal Affairs or OPR Interviews
  • Pre-Disciplinary / Pre-Termination Hearings
  • Arbitration Hearings
  • Grievances
  • Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)
  • OWCP Workers Compensation
  • OPM Disability  Retirement
  • EEOC Claims
  • Legislative Affairs
Legal Plan Agreement
For a complete list of services  please review your legal plan agreement. 

Having Questions? Call 1-844-LEOS-911 today for more information.  

Payment Options

Membership dues are $15 per pay period, or every two weeks. Membership dues can also be paid quarterly ($97.50), or annually ($390).
Company Name: Law Enforcement Officer Services, Inc.
Company ID Number: 81-3234792

I (we) hereby authorize Law Enforcement Officer Services, Inc. herein called COMPANY, to initiate debit entries to my (our) account indicated below at the depository financial institution named below, hereinafter called DEPOSITORY, and to debit the same to such account. I (we) acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my (our) account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until COMPANY has received written notification from me (or either of use) of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford COMPANY and DEPOSITORY a reasonable opportunity to act on it.
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