Our Promise - Protecting you like family

Those in government service are part of a larger family. We created the LEOS plan to protect and serve those who protect and serve the American public.  

Since 2010, LEOS and its predecessor entities have been a voice for federal workers and the law enforcement community . We are your representatives and advocates in your time of need. The LEOS group includes plan attorneys and administrators who are retired law enforcement officers, government civilian workers, and veterans. We respect and honor police and public service values. We understand that it is not easy being a government worker, or ‘the thin blue line’.

Safety and security when dealing with agency bureaucracy 

Our officers and public servants get little support from their employing agencies. Routinely subjected to frivolous administrative and disciplinary actions, government workers are constantly distracted from their sworn duties. You should never be without legal representation when dealing with the federal bureaucracy. 

The LEOS plan provides direct access to attorneys and specialized consultants. Most importantly, our dedicated team handles almost all representation in house – we are not a third party provider like most insurance plans.

The LEOS Plan Provides You With:

  • 24/7 Emergency Line
  • Critical incidents
  • Internal Affairs or OPR interviews (when permitted)
  • Pre-disciplinary / pre-termination hearings
  • Arbitration hearings
  • Grievances
  • Permanent or temporary revocation of security clearance as part of internal investigations
  • Representation at Merit Systems Protection Board / Employee-Management Relations Board hearings
  • Criminal defense of the officer for covered incidents not scoped by the agency
  • Civil defense of the officer for covered incidents not scoped by the agency
  • OWCP/DOL consultations, representation and correspondence (excluding appeals and pre-termination rebuttals)
  • OWCP schedule award claim filing
  • OWCP second opinion or referee physician rebuttal when appropriate
  • OPM Disability Retirement benefit advice and counsel

  • OWCP second opinion or referee physician rebuttal when appropriate
  • OPM Disability Retirement benefit advice and counsel
  • OPM Disability Retirement filings
  • EEOC benefits– Equal Employment Opportunity Commission attorney consultation including initial contact with Agency, assisting in EEOC Counselor contact, assistance with filing of an informal complaint, providing assistance in mediation, assistance in preparation of the formal complaint, and attorney representation and assistance with the EEOC investigation. (Litigation at the formal EEOC complaint phase requires a $5000 flat rate payment for attorney representation; representation for flat fee discontinues once the EEOC complaint reaches district court)
  • Offensive lawsuits against agency (when systemic abuse or wrongdoing is evident)
  • Group representation at Labor-Management Committees or Boards
  • Group counsel at Local, State or Federal Agency meetings (when permitted)

We Represent Employees of:

Our Team

With more than 30 years of experience serving federal agency clients nationwide, our team is dedicated to help our members and our nation of federal employees. 

John Casaretti
Plan Administrator, LEOS Protection Plan 

John Casaretti is the LEOS plan administrator with over 27 years of law enforcement, regulatory, organizing, and corporate compliance experience. 

Sonya LaBosco
Plan Administrator, LEOS Protection Plan 

Sonya is a retired Supervisory Air Marshal with over 27 years of experience in law enforcement. Sonya is an experienced administrator and employee advocate. 

Nicholas Wieczorek
Partner, Clark Hill PLLC - Morris Polich and Purdy LLP

Nicholas has over 34 years of experience navigating clients through complex employment, labor, insurance, and business disputes on both the state and federal levels. 

Jeremy Thompson
Senior Associate, Clark Hill PLLC - Morris Polich and Purdy LLP

Jeremy defends federal employees in disciplinary matters. He provides guidance and representation during all components of an agency's disciplinary process. 
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