J. D. – Special Agent, DHS


"I don’t know how to thank you for everything you have done for my family. You were laser focused on my defense and made a few backup plans to keep my pay intact (just in case). Your response to the removal was amazing and of course, I’m back at work now. I don’t know what I would have done, or how I could have paid for the countless hours the attorneys spent on my case if I weren’t a plan member".

F. A. - Veterans Administration

EEOC - Workplace Discremination

"John, I am blown away by your service. My union did nothing, but your attorney spent over an hour and a half walking me through the EEOC process and reviewing the elements of my claim on the first call. We have the informal complaint filed and he has a plan laid out to get what I want in settlement talks. No nonsense, just results! I can’t speak more highly of the LEOS plan, thank you all for having my back".

R. A. - Customs and Border Protection 

Federal Workman Compensation - OWCP

"For two years I struggled to get my claim accepted, even though multiple OWCP-only attorneys were charging me an arm and a leg. Your specialists worked directly with my doctor to ensure the medical reports supported the elements of my claim and I just received notice from the DOL that it was accepted! Beyond thrilled!

C.H. – US Postal Service

Federal Workman Compensation - OWCP

“I have already told several fellow employees who are currently dealing with OWCP about your services and will continue to spread your name as an advocate for the employee! 


AgencyDisciplinary Action

"What really impressed me was the fact that when the office started singling me out, the attorney sent a 5 page letter to address the wrongdoing. For that I am greatly thankful".

C.N. - Bureau of Prisons

Federal Workman Compensation - OWCP

“To me Jesse is a lifesaver and a person I would recommend to anyone who needs help with their OWCP situation.” 

M.R. - United States Postal Service

Federal Workman Compensation - OWCP

“I'll spend the rest of my life directing injured federal employees to Jesse.”

G. K. – DHS Federal Agent

Disciplinary Action

“With all my years of honorable federal law enforcement and military service, I would never have imagined that this agency would come after my job for an administrative policy violation. Thank you for getting this removal proposal reduced to a non-disciplinary counselling letter.”



“I don’t know how these bureaucrats sleep at night. If you didn’t have my back through this mess, I would be on the street after 24 years of government service. God bless you all”

J.M. - Federal Law Enforcement Officer

Federal Workman Compensation - OWCP

You never know when you're going to get injured on the job. Worse yet, you don't know if that injury is going to result in the premature end of your career. You can face the unknown on your terms, or you can face it on your agency and OWCP's terms. Make sure you do it on your terms. Get help, get LEOS.
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